Tobi Talks - July 2017
Tobi vous jase - juillet 2017
Overbrook Community Day
August 19
My thoughts on the change to Route #1
mes pensées sur le changement pour conduire #1
Ottawa Sun >> St. Laurent transit station needs better pedestrian, cycling access, councillor says
Connecting the community to LRT
Lumière Festival
Festival Lumière
East Feast 2017 is almost here!
Le Festin de l'Est 2017 arrive bientôt!
Tobi at Overbrook Day
My key priorities
Mes priorités principales

Updated CSST project schedule

The CSST team has now provided an updated schedule of upcoming construction works, broken down by month. This schedule is an update to the initial construction sequencing document that the CSST team put out earlier this year and it will be updated every two weeks moving forward. Learn more >>


My thoughts on council's vote against demolition at 270 Buchan Rd.

On May 24 2017, City Council voted against demolishing the heritage designated property at 270 Buchan. This was an important decision that respected the Rockcliffe Heritage Conservation Plan. Read more >>


News and Events | Nouvelles et événements

GLAD Cleaning the Capital 2017 Fall Campaign / Campagne d'automne du Grand ménage de la capitale GLAD 2017 Early bird registration for the annual fall GLAD Cleaning the Capital campaign is now open.... More  |  Plus
Registration for Fall and Winter Recreation Programs with the City starts Aug 14, 2017 Registration for fall 2017 and winter 2018 recreation programs will begin – August 14 at 9 p.m.The... More  |  Plus
Beechwood Complete Street – Phase 2 Construction / L'avenue Beechwood en tant que rue complète – Phase 2 des travaux Last year, the City of Ottawa began turning Beechwood Avenue into a complete street, with safer... More  |  Plus
New pedestrian/cycling detours - Stanley Park You will notice that new suggested cycling/pedestrian detour signs have been installed in and... More  |  Plus
Ottawa Citizen >> 'Exceeded expectations': Latest figures show Corktown, Adàwe bridges popular with pedestrians, cyclists
The sun sets over the Chateau Laurier and the Corktown Bridge in Ottawa June 16, 2011. Chris Mikula / Postmedia
More than 185,000 people used the Corktown Footbridge to walk, jog or pedal over the Rideau Canal... More  |  Plus
Ottawa Sun >> St. Laurent transit station needs better pedestrian, cycling access, councillor says
Making it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate St. Laurent Shopping Centre and reach the... More  |  Plus
Geography and Exploration Pavilion - Capital plan exhibit / Pavillon de la géographie et de l’exploration - exposition sur le plan de la capitale
This summer, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society is hosting the exhibit on the NCC’s Plan for Canada’s Capital, 2017–2067, displaying the evolution of... More  |  Plus
Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Center Garage Sale / Vente de garage du Centre de ressources communautaires Rideau- Rockcliffe
The Rideau Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre (RRCRC) is having a garage sale on Saturday, September 23 from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Hardini Centre located at... More  |  Plus

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