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March 25, 2015

(LE MESSAGE EN FRANCAIS SUIT.)While campaigning I spoke to many residents of our ward who felt that allowing corporations and unions to contribute to municipal election campaigns is unfair. I agree with this sentiment. Owners or employees of corporations and members of unions have the right to donate as individuals just like other residents. There is no need to provide... More  |  Plus

March 23, 2015

(LE MESSAGE EN FRANCAIS SUIT.)In the City’s budget, which Council approved on March 11, we have secured $11.6 million to complete construction on the Minto Bridges.The fact that the Bridges have been closed to vehicles since 2012 has been a real frustration for the community. I was recently briefed by city staff on the project to both understand why the project has taken as... More  |  Plus

March 12, 2015

(LE MESSAGE EN FRANCAIS SUIT.)Yesterday afternoon, City Council unanimously adopted the 2015 Budget.  The draft budget had been tabled on February 4th by city staff based on direction from Council to base projected revenues on a property tax increase of 2 percent. Every one percent increase in taxation brings the City an additional 13 million in revenues and costs the... More  |  Plus

March 10, 2015

I’m happy to share the Budget Speak report! / Je suis fier de partager le rapport de Parlons Budget avec vous!BUDGET SPEAK  REPORT ENGLISH  | RAPPORT DE PARLONS BUDGET FRANÇAISBUDGET SPEAK ANNEX ENGLISH  | ANNEXES DE PARLONS BUDGETWritten by Citizens Academy – City building is everyone’s businessÉcrit par Académie des Citoyennes et Citoyens(Le message en... More  |  Plus

February 28, 2015

During my campaign, I committed to tabling a motion at City Council asking the Ontario Legislature ban corporate and union donations from Ottawa municipal election campaigns within 100 working days of taking office. There is a perception that corporations, unions and other associations with financial interests in the City’s operations or decisions exert undue influence over... More  |  Plus

January 15, 2015

(Le français suit ci-dessous)At 5:00am this morning police were called to investigate shots that were fired in a residence in the 1000 block of Whitton Place, located in the Overbrook area. I have spoken to the Inspector, central district, of the Ottawa Police Service.  The shooting is now being investigated by the guns and gangs unit.It is still early in the... More  |  Plus

December 23, 2014

by Hadil Houmani, Grade 2 student, Queen Mary Public School / par Hadil Houmani, étudiante de 2ème année, école publique Queen MaryDear friends and neighbours,Although I’m only a few weeks into my new job, I can report that I am settling in and eagerly starting the important work ahead for the next four years. We had two Council meetings in December – one focussed on the... More  |  Plus

October 27, 2014

(Le français suit ci-dessous)OTTAWA, October 27, 2014 –  Rideau-Rockcliffe City Councillor-elect Tobi Nussbaum thanked voters and volunteers tonight for their support in electing him City Councillor for the ward.    Describing running for office as “the ultimate form of civic engagement”, Mr. Nussbaum  thanked all the councillor candidates in Rideau-... More  |  Plus