Rideau-Rockcliffe Seasonal Traffic Calming 2017

Transportation safety and choice are a key priority for me and one of the topics I frequently hear about from residents. Street design is the most important factor that influences the speed of traffic. Unfortunately, permanent traffic calming measures such as speed bumps and curb extensions are very costly and require lengthy studies.

Recognizing that there is a long waiting list for permanent traffic calming measures, City Council created a seasonal traffic calming program that deploys temporary solutions more quickly to meet the immediate needs of the community. The first seasonal traffic calming measures in Rideau-Rockcliffe were rolled out last year - see the map of last year's measures here.

This year, more than 20 additional locations will be added in addition to the locations that were deployed last year. These locations are based on feedback from residents and community associations, as well as the City’s traffic services staff.

Measures that you will see popping up around the ward include:

  • Flexible signs placed in the centre of roadways (to be removed in the fall)
  • Flexible posts installed along cycling lanes or at the edge of streets to narrow roadways (to be removed in the fall)
  • Paint markings painted on the road, such as school zone or speed warnings
  • Concrete planters placed at the edge of the roadway to narrow the street

I am continuously working to tackle problem areas identified by residents via community associations, emails, phone calls, public engagement sessions and other initiatives such as ward walks. My team is keeping track of all the locations identified through these sources and we will use the measures at our disposal to address them over the coming months and years.

In addition to those short-term measures, I am also focused on getting permanent traffic calming measures built into streets, particularly when there are opportunities when roads are dug up for infrastructure renewal. I have been successful in incorporating traffic calming measures into almost every road reconstruction project that has taken place in Rideau-Rockcliffe in the past two years, including bulb-outs on Crichton Street and Columbus Avenue, a traffic-calming design on River Lane, and in 2017, bulb-outs on Glynn and Lola, as well as speed humps on Sandridge Road.

CLICK HERE to view a larger interactive version of the 2017 seasonal traffic calming map:

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