Presland Woodlot Rehabilitation

As part of ongoing work to combat the Emerald Ash Borer invasion in Ottawa’s tree population, the City’s Forestry Management Branch will be undertaking a woodlot rehabilitation program in Presland Park in Overbrook.

It is important to address the safety issues due to dead and declining trees as a result of the Emerald Ash Borer – a type of beetle that infests ash trees, eventually killing them.

This woodlot rehabilitation program will begin in late January 2018 with the removal of dead and dying trees in the Presland woodlot, including ash trees, elm trees (which are susceptible to Dutch elm disease) and invasive species such as buckthorn.

The felled trees will be left on site until spring, when the snow has melted and mechanical equipment can enter the site. Some of the wood will be left behind to provide habitats for animals and insects and to encourage fungi growth to support soil nutrients and moisture retention.

In the spring and/or the fall of 2018, replanting will occur. The City’s Forestry Management Branch will plant native species of trees and shrubs to re-forest the site.

During the work, the woodlot portion of the park will be closed and not accessible to the public.

Residents in the area will receive a notice by mail - click here to read it in English and French.

Click here to read the project overview in English and French.


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